Woodwork graduates Get Going in pursuing a carpentry career

Vision AfriKa woodwork programme graduates

A graduation ceremony was held for participants of the “Get Going” carpentry training programme at the end of June in order to celebrate their successful completion of Phase One.

The initiative, which kicked off in January, provided training for post-High School students in the safe use of power tools and woodwork equipment such as thickness and surface planers, band and scroll saws and drill presses. Some 46 people aged 18 to 35 took part, but only 17 graduated as the rest found full-time employment before the end of the course.

The graduates, however, each received a certificate that will now enable them to find employment in the carpentry sector.

Phase Two of the training scheme, which began at the start of July and will last for three months, is intended to provide the top six performers from Phase One with a broader and deeper set of woodworking skills.

It also includes a day release for the students to undertake training by the Stellenbosch Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development organisation in how to run a business. The aim is to provide learners with the necessary guidance to start their own carpentry business with the support of Vision AfriKa.

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