Weekend Camp Helps Build Vision for the Future

Vision AfriKa camp participantsA three-day camp has taught a group of Vision AfriKa learners the value of teamwork and that nothing is preventing them from achieving their dreams but themselves.

The camp, which was held at Kanonkop near Stellenbosch during the last weekend in January, was attended by 35 Grade 9 students, who were divided up into four teams.

Each team took part in a range of activities intended to broaden their horizons and help them think about things differently.

For example, a number of exercises were introduced to encourage team-building and boost team spirit. These included Boeresport games such as tug-of-war and sack races as well as an auction, in which each team had to buy itself enough food for supper that evening.

Other sessions were meant to help the students think about their goals and what was holding them back from attaining them.

For instance, everyone had to take part in a challenging obstacle course. Although it was very difficult and a lot of them wanted to give up half way, after about two hours, with the encouragement of the camp leaders, they all managed to complete it – and confidence levels were really boosted as a result.

Other valuable tasks included setting personal goals. On the last day, each group selected one person, who was given a few seconds to reach a target, where they would find some fizzy pop.

The learners were then asked to write down on a piece of paper what grades they expected to gain this term. These were put away for safe keeping until the end of term when they will be brought out again for comparison purposes.

Finally, the camp ended with leaders handing out individual rulers marked with the name of each student. On returning to Vision AfriKa’s Kayamandi headquarters, these were placed in the session room so that each learner can clearly see that they form part of the educational development NGO’s family.

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