Vision Vlottenburg’s Aftercare group boosts parental engagement with first of three annual meetings

Vision Vlottenburg Aftercare group hosted a parents’ meeting in early February to help engage them in their children’s learning process and ensure they understand what it entails.

The meeting, which took place at Vlottenburg Vineyard’s community church, was the first of three planned events during 2017. New parents were welcomed and told about how Aftercare works and what it comprises.

For instance, Aftercare support is offered to learners in Grades one to seven, five days a week from 3-5pm. They are provided with everything from help with their homework to ‘technology-based’ programmes  and opportunities to play physical games to boost fitness.

Each group moved up to Grade two and three respectively this year, which meant there was space for a new Grade one intake for 2017. Due to demand from parental demand, Grade R learners were also added to the programme for the first time, bringing the total number of students to 95 for 2017.

Parents also nominated and selected 10 pupils to sit with parents on the parenting committee in an attempt to encourage more parental involvement and try to ensure its sustainability into the future. The committee’s first task will be to support this year’s four planned fundraising events– a fun run, a family fun day, a sports day and talent show.


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