Vision Vlottenburg facilitators learn lessons from Rhenish primary school teachers

Facilitators from the Vision Vlottenburg aftercare group spent a day at the Rhenish primary school in Stellenbosch earlier this month in order to gain insights into new teaching approaches.

The facilitators observed the Grade R classes and how the teachers structured their classes, handled academic learning and managed discipline. For instance, each class was divided into different groups based on the academic goals the teacher had set for that day, with the further aim of providing the learners with the maximum stimulation possible.

This meant that one group focused on working with computers, another on filling in worksheets, a third involved the students playing and a fourth undertaking homework, among other activities. Once learners had finished the task in hand, the teacher checked their work and, if it was completed satisfactorily, they moved onto the next group until they had done the round.

The students appeared to enjoy this approach, which promoted cooperation and seemed to eradicate any discipline problems.

The Rhenish teachers are expected to visit Vlottenburg aftercare in about a month’s time to check on the facilitators’ progress in adopting their techniques there.

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