Vision V aftercare provides food for thought with new life skills

Vision AfriKa learners at food preparation skills class

Children at the Vision V aftercare club have been learning how to prepare their own food as part of Vision AfriKa’s efforts to impart useful life skills.

While in the past kitchen staff used to prepare sandwiches for the learners, the decision was taken in August to show them how to make their own rather than just stand around waiting. Although some students were already familiar with skills such as handling a knife to cut bread, for others it was the first time.

Kitchen staff and Grade facilitators observe the learners activities and provide guidance as necessary, but the idea is that they learn from their own experiences. Another key aim is to ensure that the students have nutritious food in their stomachs to ensure they are not hungry and can perform at their physical and mental best during the afternoon sessions at school.

As a result, each day the learners are now divided into small groups that each receive the food they require to make a sandwich. The next step will be to encourage them to be more creative, for example, by making open sandwiches and trying new fillings.

The aftercare group currently consists of 25 Grade 1 and 2 learners, but the aim is to add a new grade each year up till Grade 7.

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