Vision V aftercare group works to fight obesity

Learners taking part in outdoors physical excercise

The Vision V aftercare group is continuing to support the goals of National Obesity Week by ensuring all learners receive nutritious food and proper exercise.

National Obesity Week took place between 15 and 19 October this year. The educational development NGO commemorated the event by asking learners to choose their favourite fruit and cut pictures of it out from magazines and newspapers. They were then asked to write down the fruit’s name on a piece of paper and to describe in a couple of sentences what it is they like about it.

The overall aim of Obesity Week is to raise awareness of the impact on South Africans’ physical and mental health of being overweight. Potential problems include heart attacks, arthritis as well as psychological issues such as low self-esteem.

As a result, since its inception, the Vision V aftercare group has provided regular exercise classes and access to team sports activities. It also ensures that each learner has a nutritious lunch and snack on a daily basis. This year, the group has also introduced bi-annual Body Mass Index tests to establish if students are a healthy weight for their height.



  1. mary byrne

    Hi Vision V Aftercare group, delighted youre learning about the importance of good health and diet. It;s so important to stay healthy and fit. It will help you do better at school and at whatever career you decide on in the future. Its your body so cherish it! Ripple Effect for Vlottenburg Dublin, Ireland

    1. Samkela Mhlakaza

      Thank you Marry for your advice 🙂

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