Vision Rs Craft Perfect Mother’s Day Surprise

Vision AfriKa’s pre-school class demonstrated in the beginning of May that the only thing required to make their mums happy on Mother’s Day is a little bit of time and creativity.

The Grade R learners, who are based at the educational charity’s headquarters in Kayamandi, were set the task of making a personalised card for their mothers in order to express their love and affection.

The aim of the exercise was to not only stimulate creativity and support teamwork, but also to demonstrate how little is required to give a loved one a nice surprise.

To this end, the six-to-seven year olds were given a blank sheet of paper, toilet tissue and pink paint.
They were then shown how to fold the tissue paper into a heart shape, dip it in the paint and make their own imprint on the blank sheet of paper.

While some of the learners picked up the technique more quickly than others, the fact that they were keen to help their classmates out meant that everyone left with their own special card, which included a private message to their mum.

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