Vision K Gr 10 Camp 2010

Learning With Fun

The weekend of the 5th of February was not only fun and games but also challenges and learning. The new group of Vision K grade 10’s embarked on a 2 day journey that left all feeling tired yet remarkably accomplished.

Right form the start team work was a major emphasis. The first challenge of the weekend was a food auction. The leaders left the fate of the night’s dinner in the hands of their team as they partook in an auction for their supper. The Dreamers did well for themselves and ate and abundance of rolls, sausages and braai bread, while the other teams had enough tomatoes and tomato sauce to smother all the other food.

Saturday saw an early start with some morning aerobics before the day’s challenges began. There were many team building activities that day and some found them easier than others. However, all three teams had something to share about what they learned. The Mighty Eight Stars especially realised the unique value of every member of the group. A break for lunch saw the start of a mud fight that ended soon after things got ugly. One girl landed up with a pile of mud in her eye, but being as tough as she is, things ended well.

The annual Vision K camp concert took place on the last night of camp. All teams presented their talents, the Survivors giving their version of today’s police system. The leaders pulled out a few tricks themselves that left some heads hurting and others blushing. Overall, it was a night of fun and good laughter.

Sunday morning came but the energy of the entire group was finished. After a lesson on goal setting Vision K enjoyed a lovely brunch cooked by the famous Lizelle. Once the tummies were full, the team packed up and headed back to Stellenbosch.

The weekend ended as an overall success thanks to the challenges, the bonding and the food (of course).


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