Vision AfriKa’s Primary School Learners Make Huge Progress

Vision AfriKa primary school classLearners at Vision AfriKa’s new primary school in Stellenbosch’s Kayamandi township have made remarkable progress academically during their first term. The educational development NGO opened the new facilities at its headquarters in the Ikhaya Trust Centre at the start of this year, and now has 26 students on its books. Here is a summary of what they have achieved so far:


The learners can now:

  • Count to 30 in ones, twos and odd numbers
  • Count backwards from 20
  • Understand sums written out in words
  • Add and subtract numbers up to five
  • Recognise and write down symbols and the names of numbers up to five.

The students also enjoy counting different objects and working with colouring graphs. In fact, they now know all of the colours involved and also recognise colour words.


Only two learners now have to be reminded to grip their pencils correctly, but the others have got it off pat. The entire group’s fine motor skills are also coming along nicely, which means that they can cut things out and colour things in more accurately. They are also able to write their names and the date correctly and can copy down letters and words without any mistakes.

Life Skills

This term’s key themes were:

  • Myself and my body
  • Emotions
  • Verbs
  • My family

The students have also learned how to line up nicely without pushing each other, how to take turns on the swings during playtime and to share toys without fighting. We have also been teaching them to blow their own noses and to tie their own shoelaces.

English Language Skills

When the learners first arrived, they could only greet people in English, but they are now able to converse with each other using simple sentences. They are also making good progress in learning alphabet sounds using the phonics method. They can sound out words from Impak’s reader and even build three letter words.

The beautifully illustrated and fun Wings series is also being employed to teach sight vocabulary. Students are introduced to new words by being shown a picture and are asked to keep on pronouncing it until they get it right. They are then shown what the word looks like when it is written down.


The pupils undertook their first tests at the end of term and performed really well, particularly in maths. Although they were really tired afterwards, we ended on a fun note by making lovely Easter cards


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