Vision AfriKa’s Parents’ Evening Wins Families Over

Vision AfriKa parents' eveningVision AfriKa held a parents’ meeting at the end of May to teach them more about its educational development programme and deepen their commitment to it.

Around 120 people, or 70% of learners’ parents, attended the meeting at the NGO’s Ikhaya Trust Centre in the Kayamandi township as well as all of the staff who look after high school students.

The event kicked off with a formal presentation in the attendees’ local language, isiXhosa, about how the learners as a whole were progressing in school and what Vision AfriKa was doing to help and support them. It was then followed by a question and answer session.

The aim was to try and get the parents onside as the Vision AfriKa programme is quite demanding and takes up a lot of time when students would normally otherwise be involved in chores around the home.

The biggest talking point of the event related to academic achievement and Vision AfriKa staff made it clear that they benefited from a close relationship with both high schools in the vicinity, which helped in monitoring learners’ performance on an ongoing basis.

Some of the parents were amazed by the role that the programme played in their children’s lives, but nearly all were grateful for what Vision AfriKa had done, and continues to do for them.

One said: “Vision AfriKa staff, you have my full support as a parent because what you do is helping our kids – and helping us too.”

Another added: “I won’t say much, but what I do want to say is ‘thank you for being patient with our kids and helping them to achieve their dreams’. We don’t pay you anything, but what you do for our kids and the way you do them – may the loving God bless you and keep you.”

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