Vision AfriKa Works to Tackle Addiction Legacy

Vision AfriKa is working hard in beautiful Stellenbosch and its environs to tackle the ugly legacy of substance addiction in the wake of the now outlawed ‘dop’ system.

The system, which was made illegal in 1961 although prohibition was not enforced until the end of apartheid in 1994, saw local wine farm workers being paid a portion of their wages in the form of a daily measure of booze.

This practice led to a good number of current learners’ parents and grandparents to have addiction problems, resulting in many of them being exposed to alcohol abuse from an early age.

As a result, during a session on addiction, the Grade 10 and 11students at Vision AfriKa Vlottenberg’s site were encouraged to ask themselves why they were using alcohol to explore the effect it was having on their lives – and potentially their future.

Many were shocked to discover how easy it was to become addicted to alcohol and other drugs, learning that even people who limit consumption to binge drinking at weekends can end up with a problem.

But one learner said that she would “never touch alcohol” because her father was an addict and “I’ve seen his life and our family’s life almost destroyed” as a result.

The group came to understand that life is full of choices and only they can decide whether to drink or not. No one else has the right to tell them what to do and only they can decide whether to fit in with the crowd or opt for a more independent stance.

If YOU want to know more about Vision Vlottenberg’s grade 10 programme, feel free to contact  [email protected] via email.

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