Vision AfriKa teams with A2B to help improve parenting skills

Vision AfriKa has got together with the A2B Transformation Movement to teach more effective parenting skills to members of deprived communities as a means of helping to reduce local poverty.

Gauteng-based A2B works with a range of experiential learning and organisational development approaches in a bid to tackle the neurological roots of, and attitudes behind, feelings of disempowerment, which lead to a cycle of poverty.

About 15 home-based care workers from Stellenbosch Hospice and 10 parents from Legacy, a multi-functional community centre in the Kayamandi township that provides an after-school programme in life skills, were given initial training in the scheme on 19 and 20 April. Its aim is to provide parents with insights into child development, expose them to different parenting tools and approaches and to challenge their current behaviour in order to effect positive change. The initiative is currently being piloted among 24 families in Stellenbosch who speak Afrikaans, English and Xhosa.

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