Vision AfriKa Grade 10s Discover Teenage Parenting is “no fun at all”

High teenage pregnancy rates across South Africa have led to Vision AfriKa grade 10 learners exploring the issues in considerable depth this term in order to make sure they understand them. Vision AfriKa has just held three sessions on the subject for its students, covering topics such as unprotected sex and contraception.  The group has also looked at the possible reasons behind the national teenage pregnancy phenomenon, which threatens to curtail the future hopes and dreams of too many young people. Learners were asked to research and examine each of the related topics in small groups, before presenting their findings to the wider group for further discussion. Schivon said that the debate had proved valuable because: “We have learned that teenage pregnancy can be prevented and that it’s your choice as to whether you get pregnant or not.”  Another useful, experiential exercise was to have two volunteers take sole responsibility for caring for their young sisters and nephew respectively for a whole weekend. They were then asked to feed back their experiences of being a ‘parent’ to the wider group. Olwethu said: “It’s not fun being a  parent at my age because every time the baby cries at night, you have to get up, even though you still have to go to school on Monday. It’s hard work.”


The other agreed. “It’s no fun at all,” Lindisipho said. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy or a girl, you still have to change and feed a baby. I woke up about nine times each night and sometimes, when he was crying, I just didn’t know what he wanted.”

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