Vision AfriKa Creates Safe Environment for Learners to Grow

A discussion session about learners’ home environments has helped to build group trust and demonstrate that Vision AfriKa is a safe place in which team members can grow and develop.

The aim of the session was to assist individual students and the Grade coordinator to get to know each other better by gaining an understanding of each other’s personal circumstances and family make-up.

Partly a trust-building exercise, the activity was also intended to show learners that their lives are not really so very different, which means that they can be themselves rather than pretending to be someone they are not.

The group leader started the debate by opening up to the 15 Grade 10s about her own domestic circumstances and experiences, which encouraged the students to join in and share theirs.

This led to one of the girls breaking down in tears as she talked about her home life, while the joker of the class became serious as he spoke of how his mother had died and his father had disappeared.

The situation had resulted in him being placed in foster care, which he did not always find easy due to a lack of closeness with most of the family, although he had a very good relationship with his foster mum, which helped matters.

The learners found that being honest with each other was important in the bonding process as it assisted in building trust between them. This, in turn, made them more willing to share problems and to ask each other for help if they needed it.

And the session has already had positive repercussions. The students have become much better at listening to each other and showing each other respect and they now also appear to be taking a more serious attitude towards their studies.

For more info about the Vision V 10s contact [email protected]

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