Vision AfriKa celebrates World Read Aloud Day with a trip to the local library

Vision AfriKa learners in libraryTo celebrate World Read Aloud Day on Wednesday 24 February, Grade 1 and 2 students from Vision AfriKa’s primary school were taken to the local library in order to learn how to use the facilities.

 At Kayamandi Library, which is right next to the school, they were taught how to go about borrowing books and what resources are available to them there. When taking out a book to read in the library, it was also suggested that the learners leave behind a ruler in the appropriate space so it is clear to where it should be returned.

They were then all read a fun story to encourage them to want to do it for themselves. Reading to children has a number of proven benefits – it: img_4221

  • Enables them to listen to stories that would be beyond their current ability to read, thus helping to develop their vocabulary and language abilities
  • Helps them to experience reading as a satisfying and pleasurable activity
  • Motivates them to read themselves and hopefully keep on doing so
  • Helps us build a bond with them and gives us interesting topics to talk about
  • Demonstrates we value books and reading, while also showing them how books work.

After listening to the story, the learners all received application forms and a letter for their parents so they could join the library if desired.

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