Vision 9s Employ Persistence to Beat the Ice

A Vision AfriKa-led trip to the ice rink has taught 15 Grade 9 learners just what it is possible to achieve if they try, try and try again.
The outing to GrandWest Entertainment World in Cape Town earlier this month was the first time most of the students from Stellenzicht School in Vlottenberg had been ice-skating.

The aim of the excursion was to have them experience how much time and effort it takes to achieve a goal and also to understand how vital it is to keep on going despite the failures in order to master something.

On arriving at the ice rink, however, the learners were intimidated by the sight of other people holding onto the outside rail for dear life. As a result, they tried to find excuses to get out of participating in the challenge ahead.

But, with encouragement from their team leaders, some of whom did not know how to skate either, they all took to the ice in groups of four in order to support and motivate each other – as well as hold each other up.

While some participants clung to the rail pleading for help, it soon became clear that those who went full steam ahead and were prepared to fall over time and again were the quickest to learn.

As one of the students, Fenecia Beukes, said: “Support will only be there for a little while and then you are alone to accomplish your dreams. It’s then up to you to take responsibility for your own achievements.”

Another key learning from the day-out was that, although it is sometimes necessary to struggle to achieve your aims, there is always an answer to your problem somewhere, if you look hard enough.

As another learner, Emmarencia Andrews, pointed out: “If you find yourself in a difficult situation, there is always a solution.” By the end of the day, most of the Grade 9s seemed to have found it and were pleased to demonstrate that they now knew how to skate.

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