Vision 9s Benefit from Forwarding-Thinking Careers’ Guidance

Vision AfriKa careers guidance sessionBecause the subjects that learners choose in Grade 10 will prove vital to their future career paths, Vision AfriKa takes care to provide them with holistic guidance the year before.

Each year, the Grade 9 students are given access to Pace Careers’ industry-leading career information products in a bid to assist them in making the correct choices for them.

For example, the learners log onto a PC-based application using their own individual user name and password, which guides them through a series of yes and no questions about what they would like to do in the future.

After the assessment,  the results are discussed with a Vision AfriKa Coordinator to try and ensure that each student is opting for subjects that will be of use and of interest to them rather than simply because of peer pressure.

The most popular subjects so far are physical sciences, mathematics, applied computer technology and geography. The career assessment process is expected to last for about two weeks in total.

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