Vision 9 ice skating trip teaches the importance of bouncing back

An outing to the ice rink has taught a group of Vision AfriKa learners the value of learning to conquer their fears as well as how to bounce back when things go wrong.

The group of 37 Grade 9 students were taken for their first ice skating trip to Cape Town at the start of October. Although they were initially very excited, that excitement quickly turned to fear when they entered the rink itself.

Although initially some learners just wanted to give up, the seven facilitators encouraged them to keep on going as did other a number of other skaters. All of the students helped and supported each other and by the end, they were able to skate around without propping each other up.

The outing taught them not only the value of teamwork, but also that we need to face our fears in order to conquer them. It likewise demonstrated the importance of picking yourself up and dusting yourself down when you fall if you want to move forward in life.

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