Vision 9 camp triumphs despite Cape Wineland wildfires

Vision AfriKa Grade 9 camp group photo


Despite wildfires sweeping through parts of the Cape Winelands and costing millions of Rand in destroyed forestry and vineyards in the process, Vision AfriKa still managed to hold the annual camp for its Grade 9 learners earlier this month.

Stellenbosch’s fire department deemed the site at Simonsberg Christian Centre and so the outing with 33 students from three different schools in the region was still able to go ahead as planned.

The weekend-long camp opened on Friday 22 January with group leaders dividing the learners into four mixed-gender and mixed-school teams, before they took part in a host of Boeresport games such as tug-of-war and sack races.

Vision AfriKa Grade 9 camp attendees

Next morning, everyone got up bright and early to start the day with aerobics in order to loosen up before their showers. After breakfast, it was then time for the teams to work their way through an obstacle course, the aim being to practice teamwork and help in the team-bonding process.

Next came a life mapping session, based on Vision AfriKa’s six key motivational words. To illustrate the point, one of the groups explained the goals that resulted from the exercise in this way:

Our Dream is to go to Cape Town

  • Our Target is to go to Cape Town
  • Our main Obstacle is money and transport
  • We will need money from our parents to Support us in our aim of going to Cape Town
  • We need to be Responsible in relation to time, shelter and our own safety
  • We believe we have the Potential to get to Cape Town and fulfil our dream.

Saturday’s activities then ended with one of the group leaders sharing a story about a personal learning experience, before the students were divided into smaller teams to share their own personal tales.

On Sunday morning following another aerobics session, the learners took part in a goal-setting exercise for the year ahead. Here they were asked to provide their own understanding of what the word ‘goal’ means and to establish some aims for themselves.

The sessions concluded with the students being challenged to climb a wall with the help of others – another teamwork exercise that they all managed to complete to great cheers.

But even at this point, the learners still did not get off scot-free – as a final exercise, each individual was asked to go home and set academic targets for themselves in order to help them and their group leader track their progress during each of the coming terms.

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