Vision 8s learn how to save on natural resources at Intaka Island

Vision AfriKa learners group photo outside environmental education centre

A trip to the Intaka Island wetland and bird sanctuary near Cape Town has not only taught Vision AfriKa learners more about nature, but also how to save on the natural resources they use every day.

During the last school holidays, the Grade 8 learners went on an outing to the one-hectare nature reserve in the centre of Century City, a mixed-use development site that is seven kilometres out of the Mother City.

They were given a tour around the Island in a boat and shown the many types of native birds that live in the area. The guide also pointed out various trees that can be employed for medical purposes and explained what they can be used for and how to use them.

The students were also informed as to how the island recycles sewage water for its plants, while using fresh water for more general-purpose activities. Finally, the learners were shown an electricity plant and introduced to the idea of how electricity is made and how it ends up in people’s homes.

Demonstrations were also given on how to calculate the amount of electricity that each learner’s household devices take in watt terms and how to save on both electricity and water usage to ensure these precious resources are not wasted.

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