Vision 8s Break the Ice During Skating Trip

Vision AfriKa learners at ice skating rinkAn ice skating trip has taught a group of Vision 8 learners to be less anxious about new situations on learning that their expectations do not necessarily reflect reality.


The outing, which was held at the Grand West Casino complex in Cape Town last Friday, was the first in which the Grade 8 students from Vision Vlottenburg had participated.

After writing their feelings and expectations down on paper, it became clear that many of them were initially a bit anxious about skating for the first time.

While most of the boys were happy to jump in and try it on their own, the girls were more nervous, grabbing each other for support and to help each other into the rink.

Although at first some learners felt inclined to quit when all they seemed to do was slip and fall over, as they learned to pick themselves up and start again, their confidence grew immeasurably.

The next step was to have a nice lunch and discuss whether the experience had changed the students’ attitudes or not and whether it had matched their expectations.

A number compared it to a situation, set of circumstances or activities such as schoolwork, which initially posed obstacles that could subsequently be overcome by hard work.

One of the learners, Jessica Engelbrecht, said that although she was originally very scared of going onto the ice rink, she was now “very proud” of herself for having mastered ice skating skills.

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