Vision 8 and 9 Grades Soar with a Little Help from Uni Friends

Support from engineering students from the University of Stellenbosch has resulted in Vision Afrika Vision AfriKa learners using computerslearners achieving above average marks in both maths and science this year. Twenty university students have been helping the Grade 8 and 9 learners with their homework each Tuesday afternoon since the end of July as part of a six-week programme. The learners are divided into groups of five based on the schools they attend and their grades in order to ensure that their personal requirements are met in the most effective way.

Vision AfriKa learners doing homeworkThe programme has been taking place for the last four years and different students, who are hand-picked by the university, take part each term. As well as assisting the 76 Vision AfriKa learners with their maths and science homework, the students also often go the extra mile and coach them in other topics such as geography, history, economics and management science.

#UniversityStudentsSupportingVision 9s academically

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