Vision 2s complement Life Skills learning by trip to Cape Town aquarium

A group of Grade 2 learners visited Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium in mid-June to learn more about the sea life they have been studying as part of Vision AfriKa educational programme.

After taking a mini bus to the Aquarium, the Vision AfriKa Primary School students feasted on vetkook with mince, along with some juice. They then made their way through the Aquarium’s lower level to look at the fish tanks, before listening to a talk by Mr Zee about the underwater wonders around them.

He showed them live examples of anemones, sea urchins and starfish, which the learners were allowed to touch, and shared lots of interesting information such as why sea creatures living in rock pools are unable to live outside of their own natural habitat.

As a result of this new-found knowledge, the students were easily able to identify the colourful fish living in the warm Indian Ocean and the darker, duller coloured ones that make the much colder Atlantic Ocean their home. They also enjoyed watching the penguins on the Aquarium’s upper level and putting their hands in the touch-tank to feel the kelp and other plant life.

This newly-acquired information acts as a complement to the work the learners have been doing under the auspices of Vision AfriKa’s Life Skills topic about sea life.

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