Vision 12s Learn the Reality behind Truth, Lies and Assumptions

Vision AfriKa camp attendees group photoA camp themed around “truth, lies and assumptions” has taught a group of Vision 12s to always get their facts straight and guard against jumping to conclusions.

 The experiential camp took place at Stellenbosch’s Kanonkop Wine Estate in mid-March. It was intended to provide the learners with a forum to consider their future as well as their views on potential careers and life in general through the prism of its core theme.

As a result, activities included a life mapping session and an orienteering game. For the latter, the Grade 12s were dropped off at Muldervlei train station and, to their surprise, were provided with clues about how to get to the campsite.

Each clue was based around a riddle, which when solved, led them on to the next clue until they reached their destination. Although the expectation had been that there would be much complaining and moaning, the learners all kept their spirits up and were still amazingly upbeat when they reached camp two-and-a-half hours later.

One learner, Phathuxolo Mayekiso, said: “The ‘truth, lies and assumptions’ session has taught me how easy it is to make an assumption about something without getting all the facts.”

Ntatheng Machea agreed. “I thought I had all the information with regards to going to into higher education, but from the life mapping session, I learnt that it was just as assumption and there’s much more I still need to research,” she said.

As a result, Ntatheng and some of the other learners went to their coordinator the following week to ask for help in undertaking the online ‘Personalised Academic and Career Exploration’ programme along with further research into the National Benchmark Test.

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