Vision 12 Vox Pop: How Vision AfriKa Helped Me Find My Perfect Career

The pressure is on for Grade 12 learners who are now in their last year of high school.
The decisions that they make at this stage will affect the rest of their lives so it is important that they be given the right support and guidance to make informed choices.
We speak to five ambitious students who are clear about what they want to do, where they want to go and how Vision AfriKa has helped them get there:

Zimkhitha TyopoZimkhitha Tyopo: An important aim for me is to be different to my siblings who sit and wait for opportunities to come to them. Instead I want to get out there and fight for what I want – and what I want now is to get into university to study healthcare. Vision AfriKa inspired me to be a go-getter and taught me that I can become anything in life that I want to be, if I only put my mind to it.



Nceba TyibeloNceba Tyibelo: I really want to have a sustainable career and Vision AfriKa has helped me a lot in this area. It has brought me hope and given me direction in life. Being part of the Vision AfriKa programme has helped me to remain focused right up until my last year of high school.



Ntandokazi MtotoseNtandokazi Mtotose: My goal is to pass matric with flying colours so that I can further my studies at a tertiary education institution of my choice. Vision AfriKa has assisted me in narrowing down the career path that I want to follow. It has also helped and encouraged me to focus effectively at school and not fall victim to negative influences.



Sam MarikoSam Mariko: I want to live my dreams and get a Master’s degree in biochemistry. Vision AfriKa helped me choose my perfect career and work out how I would be able to continue my studies.




Nolitha ZongoloNolitha Zongolo: I have already started achieving my goals by reaching Grade 12, and being able to study what I want is a further step towards fulfilling my long-term aims. With a grateful heart, I can truly say that Vision AfriKa has been an open door on which I could knock in times of difficulties. It inspires a lot of young people who don’t necessarily know where to go to after Grade 12. Vision Afrika is not a name, but a vision started in Africa.

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