Vision 12 camp focuses on careers guidance

‘Careers guidance’ was the theme of this year’s Vision AfriKa Grade 12 camp to provide learners with the support required to make important choices about their future before matriculating.

As a precursor to the camp, which took place in mid-February at the Kanonkop campsite in Simonsberg near Stellenbosch, however, the students were divided into four groups and given three hours to complete an orienteering challenge called the “Amazing Race”.

They were tasked with going into the community in the Kayamandi township in order to complete a series of tasks. The aim was to have them experience what it feels like to have no idea of your destination, the importance of doing pertinent research and how vital it is to have an end-goal in mind.

Kutlwisiso Mzaca said of the experience: “It was really frustrating as I wasn’t prepared for this and was unsure what I was looking for.” Sinoxolo Ngcembe agreed. She said: “It was exhausting and time-consuming because we were depending solely on clues to get what we were looking for.”

At the camp itself, the learners were provided with vital information such as the differences between various further and higher educational institutions, what courses they offer and what the minimum requirements are to get in. They also learned where it is possible to go to apply for bursaries and what the closing dates are.

One of Vision Afrika’s Visionary alumni Mambesi Goje, who is currently in her second year studying Bcom Accounting at the University of the Western Cape, also joined the discussion in order to enthuse and encourage the students and to help them learn from her example.

Wendy Ncapa said about the camp: “It was very inspiring and motivated me to work harder to pass my exams with good marks.” Sinesipho Lentoni added: “I’ve learnt that when it rains, I shouldn’t wait for it to stop. Instead I should find a way to walk through the rain in order to achieve my goals.”

As Luxolo Copiso succinctly put it: “I’ve learned that the only obstacle is myself.”

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