Vision 11s Say No to Xenophobia

Vision AfriKa anti-xenophobia workshop group photoIf communities are built in the spirit of Ubuntu (humanity), there is no place for xenophobic attacks such as those that occurred last month in Durban and Johannesburg.

This was the conclusion reached by a group of Vision AfriKa Grade 11 learners who explored the meaning of the word “community” in a session that took place following the riots.

The students were divided into teams to examine the term’s implications and also given access to the internet in order to undertake online research.

One team defined community as comprising everyone who lives together in a certain area regardless of their colour, culture or language. But a second group focused on the subject of xenophobia, which initially made their classmates feel rather uncomfortable.

However, it was considered an important matter to discuss and also to feel the pain associated with it in order for the issues to be understood properly. The conclusion was that it was vital to build communities in the spirit of Ubuntu and tolerance and, just as importantly, for the brutality to stop.

Vision AfriKa’s Grade 11 learners say #NotoXenophobia.

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