Vision 11s salvage human rights for forgotten local community

Members of Vision AfriKa’s Visionary programme are to petition Home Affairs on behalf of a forgotten local community to help them obtain the identity documents required to be eligible for welfare.

The Grade 11 youth came across the 100-strong community on visiting Stellenbosch’s rubbish dump in order to investigate how much waste local residents produce.
They discovered that the individuals

living there were trying to survive on other people’s garbage and began collecting food and clothes to help them out.

As part of their programme, however, the learners had been exploring what taking a human rights-based approach to social ills and injustices means.
As a result, they realised that simply providing food and clothing would not offer a long-term solution. But on speaking to members of the community, they discovered that more than half had no identity documents.

This meant that they were not eligible either for support from social services or for grants and their employment and vocational training opportunities were severely curtailed.
The Vision 11s have now promised the community to ask Home Affairs to visit as a first step towards helping them regain their rights as citizens.


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