Vision 11 Nature Walk Leads to Journey of Self-Discovery

A nature walk has helped a group of Vision 11 learners understand just how much their peers and other members of the community unconsciously influence their behaviour.

The journey of self-discovery began when eight Grade 11 students from Vision Vlottenburg were sent out into the countryside to look for a leaf that they felt most represented their personality.

Once back in the classroom, they were asked to use the leaf as a prompt to describe their classmates. Interestingly, in many cases, the comments also reflected themselves and their own behaviour.

Using a flipchart, the learners then drew up two lists, one outlining the positive elements of their identity at school and the other, the negative. During the related discussion, one student intimated that, under the influence of her friends, she had skipped a class last term.


Facilitator: Didn’t you have a choice not to respond to that influence?

Learner: Yes, but my friends wouldn’t want to be friends with me if I didn’t skip class with them.

Facilitator: Is a friend really a friend if they don’t respect your choices?

The learner was silent.

Facilitator: Do you attend every class that you’re supposed to now?

Learner: Yes.

Facilitator: What brought about the change?

Learner: I knew I’d made the wrong decision and so now I do what’s best for me.


Finally, the students were asked to use their leaves to describe themselves, showing the upper green side when talking about their positive traits and the yellow- or rust-coloured underside when discussing their more negative qualities.

Contact [email protected] if you want to know more about the Vlottenburg branch.

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