Vision 10s Play to Win at Jonkershoek

A paintball game in Jonkershoek has taught a group of Grade 10 learners not only the value of team-playing, but also that they always have choices in life.

The excursion to Paintball Passion, which took place earlier this month, was the first time that the eight students had taken part in such an activity.

As a result, when they arrived at the forest where the event was taking place, they were surprised, excited and also a bit scared.

Each learner was provided with clothing, a mask and a paintball gun. After being told the rules of the game, the group was divided into two teams.

Each team was given a flag, and the aim of the other team was to capture the flag of the other team without being shot and marked by a paintball. If shot, the player concerned was eliminated, to participate again, one of  your team players must tag you in by a touch or shoot you to continue against the opposing team.

This meant that learners had to act as team players. To win either of the two games, participants had to protect not only themselves but also their teammates, which proved challenging in some instances.

Another key lesson learned from the day was that each individual always has a choice. They could simply sit behind a tree and crawl away if danger threatened, or they could shoot back and protect themselves and other members of their team.

What became clear, however, was that the option chosen determined the ultimate outcome, that is, whether they or their teammates were eliminated and whether their team won or lost – a lesson that could be applied to all areas of life.

For more info about the Vv10ers contact [email protected]

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