Vision 10s overcome personal obstacles to climb Table Mountain

Vision AfriKa Grad 10 learners on the slopes of Table Mountain

A hike up Table Mountain has shown a group of Vision AfriKa learners that they have the potential within themselves to surmount life’s obstacles, even if such hurdles appear impossible at first glance.

At the end of November, 22 Grade 10 learners climbed up and down the iconic mountain in Cape Town for the first time. It was also the first time for most of them that someone in their family had made the trip as few of their parents had not done so either.

But the students learned that in order to reach the top, it is crucial to set goals for yourself. This lesson is borne out by six words that Vision AfriKa always uses as life guidance: Dreams; Potential, Responsibility; Obstacles; Targets and Support.

Here is what three of the learners said about the experience:

Sinesipho Makalima: “I pictured that mountain as it were my life and the slippery rocks that we came across as if they were obstacles. So I learned that it’s always important to have confidence in yourself and your own abilities. When I was hiking up that mountain, it seemed such a long way to the top and there were lots of obstacles. But I managed to overcome them with the help of the others motivating me and reminding me that I must never give up. So I learned that we must associate with people who have similar goals in life. When we got to the top of the mountain and reached our goal, we could enjoy the fruits of our labour as we got the best views.”

Zizipho Sibewu: “I learned that you must never give up. Even if you’re floating alone in a lake, there’s always a way out.”

Gcobisa Qanya: “It wasn’t easy climbing the mountain. At one point, I thought we were half way, but felt disheartened when I found we hadn’t even got that far – and that we still had three hours to go. One of the Grade coordinators said that I should picture the stones as obstacles in my life and so I did. I noticed that some people passed me and left me behind and that I also left others behind, but in the end, we all got to the top. I was very happy once we made it though and I enjoyed the view. Going down was a bit easier than going up – we were even chatting and encouraging each other to finish. But it was still challenging as you could see there was still a long way to go when you were looking down. Still, I made it there and back, which was an achievement as I didn’t think it would be possible.”

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