Vision 10s Navigate Their Way Through the Mother City

A day of orienteering in Cape Town has taught a group of Vision AfriKa learners the importance of teamwork and playing by the rules. Some 40 Grade 10 students and two foreign interns, who were all unfamiliar with the Mother City, were taken there by bus on a secret mission at the end of April.

On arriving, everyone was split into four groups and told the nature of their quest. Each team was given a map, instructions on what to do and a list of rules that had to be followed.

The aim of the exercise was to win points by finding a series of control points in a set order. To this end, team members were told to keep an eye out for street signs and to ask people for help.

Extra points were also awarded for finding out their occupations and discovering fun facts about each control point on reaching it.  The race went past Long Street Baths, where the students admired the building’s 112-year British architecture. It also passed by the Holocaust Centre, which they learned had originally been sited elsewhere but was transferred to its current location in order to house a permanent exhibition.


Another key control point was the Iziko Museum, which contains 117,000-year-old footprints of a girl found in Kraalbaai.

At the end of four hours though, the decision was taken to declare the competition a dead heat as it was agreed that the purpose of the exercise was one of teambuilding and finding out more about Cape Town rather than winning or losing peruse.

Not only had the activity enabled the learners to visit new places, find out new facts and try new food, it had also taught them the importance of relying on each other as a group and of playing by the rules.

The need for effective communication skills also become clearly evident, not least because some people that the students stopped to ask for help were not always overly keen to do so.

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