Vision 10s learn how to surmount obstacles on hike up Table Mountain

A hike up Table Mountain in Cape Town has shown a group of Vision AfriKa learners that they have the potential within themselves to overcome life’s obstacles, even if they appear insurmountable.

The Grade 10 students scaled the iconic mountain at the end of October in perfect weather, with the sun shining and the wind still. But while they were excited at first, many found the expedition difficult – although they all enjoyed the amazing view at the top.

The facilitator encouraged the students to view Table Mountain as if it were an obstacle in their life that they had to learn to overcome. She reminded them that the Vision AfriKa programme is built on six key words: Dreams, Potential, Targets, Support, Obstacles and Responsibility.

In other words, each learner has the inherent potential to fulfil their dream of scaling the mountain. But to hit this target, they must set it as a goal and take personal responsibility for achieving it. They should also take advantage of the support they are offered along the way in order to overcome any obstacles they face.

As a result, while they may fail many times, if they pick themselves up and dust themselves off each time trouble strikes, they will always get there in the end. This is how a couple of the students summed up their experiences:

Asive Matiwane: “My legs still hurt, but I learned that in life, you can fail many times, but that doesn’t stop you from achieving your goals in the end. It also doesn’t matter if you’re different to other people – you shouldn’t do things just to please others. It’s about doing something for your own benefit.”

Andile Geco: “While I was climbing, I developed period pain and wanted to go back. But I realised that I’d come so far by then that I should just keep on moving until I got to the top. I told myself I could overcome this challenge and I did. It was tough, but I did it.”

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