Vision 10s discover preparation is key to climbing every mountain

A hike to the top of Table Mountain has helped a group of Vision AfriKa Grade 10 learners to see that careful preparation is key to achieving their goals. The aim of the trip, which took place at the end of last month, was to have all of the students climb the iconic landmark within three hours.

But because it was a hot day, hitting 28 degrees Celsius, and some of the learners were less fit than others, it soon became necessary to split the group into two.

The first group was led by the most fastest and most experienced hiker and coped well despite the tough conditions. But members of the second group, which was allowed to take more regular stops, visibly struggled.

In fact, after two hours, some learners were finding it so tough that a third team was formed in order to ensure their safety and allow them to go at their own pace. It took five hours for everyone to reach the summit, but the teams’ feelings of accomplishment at doing so were high and the stunning views made it all seem worthwhile. One of the key lessons that the students learned from the experience, however, was that preparation is key to achieving their sometimes apparently impossible dreams.

For instance, although at the outset, they were all keen to scale the summit, about half of the group had failed to think through what was required and did not carry enough water to last them.

Luckily, the team leaders had anticipated the situation and had brought more than enough to get them through.

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  1. mary byrne

    Well done Vision Afrika, 28degrees sounds awfully hot to us here in cold Dublin! Great to hear everyone reached the top and kept going. Never give up!

    1. Zukisa

      Thank you so much Marry we will do so

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