Vision 10s Awarded T-Shirts to Celebrate Half-way Mark

Vision AfriKa Grade 10s group photoVision AfriKa’s Grade 10 learners have received honorary T-shirts to celebrate the fact that, despite often difficult odds, they have made it half-way through the programme.

 The T-shirts are given to each Grade 10 group to recognise their achievements in having come this far. After they have been awarded, the group is closed to new members and will remain the same until the students pass their Grade 12 exams.

 This year, it took longer than usual to hand the T-shirts over because the Vision AfriKa programme was especially full and busy. The Grade 10 programme is particularly challenging and is often subject to high drop-out rates anyway, but this year’s intake still remained committed nonetheless.

 When asked about their experiences so far, different learners gave these responses:

  • “The programme made us realise what we know and don’t know, but every day there are new opportunities to learn and work with challenging ideas.”
  • “The life coaching is particularly useful to help us learn more about life and the social issues that surround us.”
  • “I like the freestyle way in which the life skills sessions are presented as they allow us to come up with our own ideas and think more creatively.”

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