Vision 10s awarded prizes to celebrate progress so far

Vision 10 learners group photo

In order to celebrate reaching the halfway point in the Vision AfriKa programme, each Grade 10 learner has been awarded a special T-shirt.

The T-shirts are given to Grade 10 students every year during one of the classroom sessions in order to recognise their achievement in having made it so far despite often difficult odds. While in the past, the T-shirt only carried the Vision AfriKa logo, this year it has been redesigned by one of the interns to include a map of Africa with the logo running through the middle.

The awarding of the T-shirts also symbolises that from this time onwards, the Grade 10 group is closed to new members.

To celebrate their success, some of the learners wrote a poem entitled “Vision AfriKa our support”.

Vision AfriKa our support

Vision Afrika helps us set our targets

Vision AfriKa helps us discover our potential

Vision AfriKa drives us forward towards our dreams

Vision AfriKa encourages us to take responsibility for our dreams

Vision AfriKa, we know that there will be obstacles

But we also know that Vision AfriKa will support us in conquering them

Vision AfriKa our support.

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