Trip to Monkey Town reinforces learning for Grade R students

A trip to the Monkey Town Primate Centre has supported the schoolwork of a group of Grade R students by showing them in real life the wild animals they have been learning about in books.

The 23 learners visited the Primate Centre in Somerset West in mid-November, where they met a range of monkeys as well as apes, donkeys, tortoises and snakes.

The students were shown the difference between monkeys, which have tails and are usually small, and apes, which do not have tails and tend to be larger. They also learned that so-called “old world” monkeys are found in Africa and carry their children around their stomach, while “new world” monkeys from South America carry their young on their backs.

In addition, the learners saw a spider monkey, which has four fingers on each paw and uses its tail to climb. As a result, they were given the opportunity to count and undertake problem-solving activities.

After seeing a squirrel monkey, which is the smallest such creature in the world, the students were then asked to employ comparatives to identify a small monkey, a smaller monkey and the smallest one of all.

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