Traffic Officer Teaches Grade Rs all about Road Safety

A female Officer from the Stellenbosch Traffic Department visited learners at the Ikhaya Pre-Primary School last week in order to teach them some road safety rules.

The Officer Miki Gqomo, kicked off the proceedings by asking the group of 20 Grade R students what they thought her profession was.

Some of the four year olds believed that she was a policewoman, while others guessed that she provided security services for the municipality, but, surprisingly, two learners managed to get the answer exactly right.

Ms Nosiphiwo Ndaleni then grabbed the class’ attention by explaining to what end the emergency services used their sirens and why it was important that other road users should give way to them – as well as always pull over when told to do so by Traffic Officers.

She likewise clarified the important role that Traffic Officers played in preventing road accidents by ensuring that members of the public obeyed traffic rules.

Finally, she discussed why she needed to carry a gun, which was for personal safety reasons rather than with the aim of harming anyone. She also allowed the learners to hold a bullet-proof vest to see what it looked and felt like.

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