‘Three Countries on Three Continents’ holiday programme broadens learners’ horizons

A group of international students from Stellenbosch University put on a holiday programme for Vision AfriKa students at the end of June to help them learn about other cultures.

Just over 100 learners from the educational development NGO’s primary school and its high school programme attended the week-long event, which was entitled ‘Three Countries on Three Continents’. The three countries were South Africa, the US and Singapore, and the students learned the national anthem of each, along with their local customs and traditions.

The learners also taught the university students traditional South African dances and enjoyed both teaching and finding out about each country’s local sports, arts and crafts, films and stories. A sample of feedback about the programme is as follows:

Nelisa Gxuluwe (Grade 9): “We learned a lot about the different countries and how to work as a team. It was a lot of fun and I’d like to thank the students for making so much time for us.

As part of the programme, we learned all about America Day and also sang the national anthem, although it was difficult to get right. We also found out that Singapore is a really small city-state and its language is difficult to learn.

In honour of South Africa Day, we sang the national anthem too, but we were word-perfect as we know it well. We also drew the flag and learned that our country has 12 languages and lots of different cultures.”

Sandi Nyuthu (Grade 8): “I only came to Vision AfriKa to take part in the June holiday programme, but I enjoyed it. I learned a lot about America and Singapore, which we were told only takes 45 minutes to cross. Both of them looked beautiful from the videos. Thank you for coming.”

Xola Maqwarha (Grade 8): I enjoyed Africa Day the most because I learned how important it is to know who I am and where I come from. I also learned that in South Africa, we have 12 official languages, including people who talk using their hands. It was great.”

Olwami Reaoboka (primary school): “I loved the dancing and singing that they taught us. They were very nice people and were kind to us from the start. We learned lots of new things, but the best part was them teaching us about their history.”

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