Teamwork Proves to Be the Answer to Scaling Mountains

Vision AfriKa learners on Table MountainTeamwork proved to be the answer for a group of Vision AfriKa learners who were set a hiking challenge to scale Table Mountain in Cape Town last week.

The Grade 10 students started their walk at 10am to avoid the heat and take advantage of the fresh breezes that are often around at that time. But even so, the majority of them started to struggle very quickly and were keen to turn back. As a result, the coordinators pulled the learners together as a group and gave a motivational talk in a bid to encourage them to continue in their mission.

And the focus on teamwork succeeded. As some students started flagging again, others took control, taking it in turns to give each other support and encouragement until everyone had reached the top.

Vision AfriKa learners on Table MountainDuring a debrief session “scaling the mountain” became a potent metaphor for overcoming life’s obstacles with Olwethu remarking: “We have heard from the other groups but we did not really understand how difficult it would be to climb the mountain. Now we know that anything that is worth the while will take a lot of effort…”

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