Teamwork and persistence are key to success, find Vision 9s

The importance of team work and not giving up despite difficult odds was made clear to a group of Vision AfriKa learners during an ice-skating excursion earlier this month. The Grade Nine students spent the day at the ice rink at Grand West Casino in Cape Town, although none of them had skated before. The aim was to provide them with an ‘edutainment-based’ outing, so that they could experience and learn something new while enjoying themselves at the same time.

Many of the learners found it to be a big challenge just to stay upright on the ice, while otherstried to learn to skate by holding onto the wall until they confident enough to let go.

While some mastered the technique swiftly, others took longer. But the team spirit among the group was evident and those who picked it up first were quick to help their peers.

During the activity, it also became clear to the learners, however, that a key secret to success was simply getting up, brushing themselves down and trying again if they fell over.

As a result, by the end of the day, almost everyone had learned to skate at least to some extent, even if they had to hold someone else’s hand to do so.

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