Team4Tech visits South Africa – Day 7

By Ann Mai of Cadence Design Systems
Hello, or shall I say Molweni, from South Africa!
Our team is now in our last week of workshops, heading towards the finish line. I had the great pleasure of leading today’s workshop on Google Forms and Calendar at Vision Afrika Primary School. With help from my team, step by step, we walked the teachers through how to create a Form with use cases that are pertinent to their day to day responsibilities, such as quizzes and surveys. This immediately captured their attention and helped us bridge the gap between the technological unknown and instantaneous familiarity. We covered a range of topics from creating different types of questions to changing the theme/color of the Form to automatic grading. The teachers were amazed that with just one flip of a switch in the tool, their hour-long grading sessions could easily be reduced to 3-5 minutes. The teachers followed along and created a quiz that corresponded with their next lesson plan. Our goal is for them to leave the workshop having created material they can use right away in their classes, which will also demonstrate their understanding of how to use the tool.
We dedicated the last portion of the day to teaching a workshop on Google Calendar. Our three main objectives for the workshop were: to help teachers get organized by adding events to their calendar, to be able to book a room/space on campus, and to share their calendar with others. Again, our goal is to demonstrate how Google Calendar can solve a problem they have or how it can improve a current process.
Over at Makupula High School, despite challenges with the Wi-Fi connection, the team persevered and presented a data visualization workshop through the creation of infographics using a simple online tool, The teachers walked away with a new, fun, and engaging way to express their ideas and display data. Things took an unexpected turn when students gathered for their normal computer class in another room, only to find that their teacher was out sick. Typically, this would mean the students have a free period before their next class. Instead, one of our team members, Ade, stepped up to the plate and seized the opportunity to engage with the students. Ade shared his story and professional experience that led him to where he is today, followed by an impromptu lesson on Excel. This was an inspiration to us all – a big round of applause for Ade and our Makupula team for going the extra mile.
Forward thinking, intentional, leadership, adaptability, and focus were just some words shared in tonight’s reflection when each of us were asked to describe the strengths we’ve observed in our fellow team members. I am truly captivated and inspired by this team. Here’s to finishing strong!

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