Team4Tech visits South Africa – Day 5

Team4Tech Excursion Day!
Adobe and Cadence Explore Cape Town by Suzane Gemme of Adobe

Today was excursion day after a week of travel, observation, workshops, and team melding and molding. Boy oh boy did we have some fantastic, surprising, and thoughtful moments today! The experiences of today have given us a new perspective of life in South Africa, not only of its new thriving government and economy, but also that it is still very wild – beautifully wild! We started our drive to the Cape of Good Hope with spectacular ocean cliffs, white sandy beaches, and the most spectacular ocean views I have ever seen.

As we drove the windy roads for miles, we were on a very high cliff – the two lane road had a sheer rocky boulder filled mountain to the left and then spectacular ocean views to the right. As our journey continued, we entered the Cape Point National Park. There were warning signs posted about baboons – we were advised to not feed them, and that they are wild animals. We were excited to come across a group of them immediately along the side of the road. Nice, right?

However, no one said they will steal your food, charging at you in groups and taking what they could get! They were everywhere, running through the parking lot, jumping on top of vans, wreaking havoc. A couple attacked our lunch and stole a sandwich and a muffin – and that was just from us! They carried on the entire time we were there with their thievery and intimidation tactics. It turns out if you just ignore them they will ignore you.

Thankfully the guys were all over this and screamed at them, and then they went away for a bit. Siva, myself, and Paul all were accosted by a baboon trying to grab something from us. Luckily, we escaped without injury, however David in his chivalry fell to the ground at one point but emerged with his pride intact. After that we were on high alert and removed any food items or hanging items that could be mistaken for food. Some speculated these baboon shenanigans were a conspiracy to have us tourists buy more food after it was stolen by the baboons. The jury is still out on that. We proceeded to the top of the peak and saw the wonderful lighthouse. The area was relatively baboon free, but we stayed on high alert all the same.

Next stop of the day was Boulders Beach, which is where the wonderment of nature was seen. Penguins everywhere! Eggs being laid, babies being born, penguins “enjoying each other’s company” – you get the drift. There are no words I can express to explain seeing nature in full swing right before my eyes. The happy couple in the photo gave us quite a show after this little love dance. Good times!

After this we spent the end of the day atop Tabletop Mountain for a sunset that was so out of this world. We rode a gondola that got us up the all 3,000 feet of the mountain in 6 minutes. And to top that off, we finished up the excursion at a lovely Italian dinner.

Now it is time to return back to our apartments to rest for the sprint of the week ahead. There is no other feeling like the one I experienced today. I saw so much…our team was looking out for each other for the greater good.

My final reflection for the day is that we learned a lesson today that will last a lifetime. Stay in the moment, look in the rearview mirror, but don’t stare too long – keep moving forward in everything you do. This skill set is not inherent in everyone, but today this team not only demonstrated they could do this and also enjoy the down time, but also rise to bravery and sensitivity all in one fell swoop!

Team4Tech, Cadence, and Adobe really have the most amazing, brilliant, kind, intelligent and master baboon tamers around. Great day team, great day!




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