Team4Tech visits South Africa – Day 4

By Karthik Lakshminarayana of Cadence Design Systems

After a tiring week full of lab setups, orientations, observations at both Makapula and Vision Afrika schools, Team4Tech decided to cheer students with some fun activities along with some learning activities as well!

So the day was kicked off with activities like Adobe Spark lab sessions, drawing, and an engineering activity using straws and tape to build the tallest tower that can balance a tennis ball on top!! No one quite surpassed the Burj Khalifa, but it was still impressive!

Though the day was Saturday, students thronged the campus to add some morning sunshine to the labs and activities despite its being a weekend.

The Adobe Spark learner series had great student attendance, and they were thrilled by the way tools are used in building a story using art.

For the art workshop, students did a fantastic job learning to scale up a picture of an elephant using a grid and painting them with either color pencils or color pens. The empty assembly area sparkled with the students’ enthusiasm drawing art – they were engrossed in their work and enjoyed teasing their co-sketchers playfully.

On the other side, students’ faces were illuminated with excitement as they were building the tallest structure they could within a set time. The passion, enthusiasm, and courage they possessed during the activity was abandoned when they screamed out when they perfected their structures and the tennis balls were balanced on the tallest peak of the structure they made.

Adding to all these activities led by our team, the campus was filled with sheer joy and loud laughter. Later the students sang and did an impromptu traditional song, drum, and dance act. Our Team4Tech team enjoyed this unique act by students – we were engrossed and absolutely silent but filled with immense joy. Our hearts felt full thanks to the students who helped us create an environment of art, science, and cultural collaboration.

After our time of sheer fun at the school ended, Team4Tech took us volunteers on a vineyard tour with a perfect wine tasting, enjoying a soulful, tasty, citrusy blend of South African wines. The tasting was followed by a classy, outstanding, and marvelous evening mountain tour – the evening dusk sun-kissed the peaks of the Cape mountain ranges and valleys around Paarl with red. This ended the day with great encouragement and positive energy vibes to carry out the coming days!!

Many thanks to Team4Tech Program Directors Paul Campbell and Gail Shen for their perfect planning and execution which gives immense and detailed pleasure to volunteers to cherish these once in a lifetime moments!



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