Talent Spot: “Thank You, Vision Afrika”

Talent should always be showcased wherever possible.

So when personal problems meant that 15-year-old, book-lover Zintle Kafile was unable to perform the poem that she had written for Vision AfriKa’s 10th birthday celebration earlier this month, it seemed only fair that she be given an opportunity to share her work by other means.

In tribute to the inspirational work being carried out by Vision AfriKa, the Kayamandi resident has cleverly weaved into her poem some of the key words that form the basis of the NGO’s educational programme to help learners achieve their full potential. These comprise Dreams, Support, Obstacles, Targets, Goals and Responsibility. Take a look and see if you can spot them:

 THANK YOU, Vision AfriKa

On behalf of Grade 9’s


I would like to say
Thank you Vision AfriKa
For the Support you give us.
The brains of creating
The voices of standing
The strength of fighting
The courage and confidence of overcoming
The voice of standing and be
Responsible for our own Education.
The strength of fighting for our own Targets
Because all you want is to inspire our
The courage and confidence overcoming

When thunders are breaking stones.
When winds are blowing our homes
Because you’ve seen that we can
Conquer with the Potential we have.
Therefore: THANK YOU Vision AfriKa.

Zintle Kafile: Grade 9

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