Table Mountain Trip Teaches Vision 10s the Value of a Plan B

Vision AfriKa learners on Table Mountain collageA trip to Cape Town’s Table Mountain showed a group of Grade 10 learners that, because things do not always work out to plan, it generally makes sense to have a Plan B. The students were initially really excited about the outing, which kicked off early in the morning, as the majority of them had never visited the iconic tourist attraction.

As a result, on arriving, they were very disappointed to learn that the Mountain had been closed due to high winds, which made it too dangerous to walk up. The original point of the excursion had been to help the learners see that no matter how big the challenge, perseverance is key to overcoming any obstacle.

But the lesson quickly changed into a demonstration of the need for flexibility and having alternatives up your sleeve if things do not turn out in the way expected.

The alternative in this case was relatively easy, but a long walk up the nearby Lion’s Head mountain. Although the students still found the activity challenging as the trail was unbalanced, they kept on going with the help of their friends.

As learner Wernadene Oncke said: “When we walked, I was really relaxed and forgot about my own problems for a while and enjoyed the amazing.” After climbing Lion’s Head, the next stage of the trip was a visit to the Wonderland amusement arcade at N1 City Mall in Cape Town’s Goodwood suburb.

The aim was to show the students that there are lots of ways to have fun without resorting to drink or drugs. Despite finding some of the games challenging, they all enjoyed playing them and benefited greatly from getting to know each other better.

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