South African Storytelling in Old Amsterdam Inspires Many New Members

Vision AfriKa Europe event in AmsterdamIn a charming old bar in the oldest part of Amsterdam, stories were told and visions were shared at the open Vision AfriKa Europe event. Three great presenters who travelled to South Africa to follow the elections from close by were eager to share their experiences with us.

Anthropologist Lotje and journalist Fleur made films about the elections and stumbled upon a wide range of political perspectives and opinions during their stay. It was an eye opener to hear the highlights of their interviews with people ranging from ANC to EFF. Following their presentation, academic Ruud Tevreden shared his view on the elections and the social effects the apartheid has left in South Africa, illustrated by his personal experiences. These two presentations definitely set the crowd on fire!

Vision AfriKa Europe event in AmsterdamIt became clear to all attendees that South Africa is a country full of contrary developments and conflicting visions, but also of opportunities and hope. The audience was mainly consisting of Dutch people, most for whom South Africa is a far away world facing issues they have never experienced.  Thanks to the interesting points raised during the discussions and presentations, many attendees got convinced of the pressing need for good education for all South Africans. This inspiring event has resulted in a growth of at least 13 members over the course of one rainy night! We want to thank everyone attending and are looking forward to seeing all of you again at our next events! To be continued –

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