Running 42.195 km for Vision AfriKa

Jan Doove and Emma BerkhoudtFinishing a marathon is already an accomplishment on its own, but if you are willing to challenge yourself for a good cause it is even more impressive. Jan Doove decided in December 2013 to run the 2014 Rotterdam marathon and to make it into a charity run for Vision AfriKa.

Jan is the son of Annemarie and Jan Doove whose foundation is very involved with Vision AfriKa since a number of years (

Jan’s aim was to collect as much money as possible for new computers for our South African learners. He did so by asking friends and family to sponsor him for each kilometre he would run. And on the 13th of April, he completed the marathon and ran all 42.195 km. By doing so, Jan raised the spectacular amount of €5000,-!

A big thank you goes out to Jan for running and collecting such an amazing amount for us!

Who is next? 🙂 If you have a great idea to raise funds for Vision AfriKa, please contact us (in Europe: [email protected]; in South Africa: [email protected]).

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