Robben Island Outing

The grade 12 group of Vision Afrika went on an outing. It was not just any ordinary outing, but an outing to one of South Africa´s most important heritage sites: Robben Island. The purpose of this special outing is to explore the marvels of the site and to discover the history that comes with it. Many of us previously believed that Robben Island was a big correctional service facility with the purpose of torturing and detaining people until they die, but we were surprised to see houses, a church and a school and thought how their lives were so similar to the lives of people in ordinary communities and that they have made everything in their power to educate one another until they were liberated.

For most of the students it was their first time going to Robben Island let alone being on the boat and this is what they had to say:

“The trip to Robben Island was very fun and has been a great experience. I have never been to Robben Island before so it was really great for me to see Mandela´s cell and I felt really emotional, the boat was A GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! It was a fresh and good thing to go there after the exams, we cleared our minds with sea breeze. I never thought I would see this day, but it was possible as I have gained knowledge about Robben Island and the prisoners. I thank Vision Afrika for the great experience and I really appreciate it a lot.” (Masizakhe Malangeni)


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