Privacy Policy


Vision AfriKa believes we have a fundamental duty to keep your data secure so you can have confidence when learning about our campaigns and supporting us. We have developed this policy to help you understand what we do with your data.

How we use your data

As a general principle, we take great care to secure and protect any information you share with us. We use such information only to support the purpose for which it was supplied, and we never share your data with third parties.

We will only contact you about our work or campaigns if you have given us explicit consent to do so, and you always have the right to unsubscribe or request a copy of your personal information. See our subscription management page for further details.

Who has access to your data

Only designated Vision AfriKa staff and volunteers have access to your data via secure, password-protected systems. In addition, we always use a secure connection when collecting personal information from you and conform to PCI standards. All pages and forms on this site use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol for encryption. Most web browsers (e.g. Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) support SSL. The link between your web browser and the server is secure if your web browser displays a small padlock or key symbol somewhere in the frame, or the address bar shows a web address beginning https:// (rather than http://)

Further information

The below policy sets out exactly what data we capture and where it is stored in more detail, with links to the relevant privacy policies of third-party components used on this site.

If you have any questions about any aspect of this policy or our data management processes please get in touch.

Privacy Policy